Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hey dudes,

It's finally the tens.

I will commit myself to doing this blog more real for real.

I was torn between making Castenada-esq dream diary or just regular bullshitting. I think I will be doing both.

Today's dream took place in very industrial looking box of a school classroom. It must have been an ESL class. People were speaking in English and Japanese (this happens often). Students were being smart ass and I was being a meany teacher.

Everything had very grey tone.

Yesterday, I discussed with mr.peanut what kind of skin the gray aliens would have.

He thought it would be rough. I imagine it would feel like frog, but patted dry. (basically super smooth and supple)

According to this picture, mr.peanut may be right.

There are many places I would like to visit. Machupichu being prime example and Finland being the other. However, if I could every get an access to, I would love to check out Area 51 (X-file theme song should be playing right now)

Scully is the original hot lady in glasses.

Yep, I am into conspiracy theory.

I must tell you about the Denver Airport one of these days.

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