Sunday, January 31, 2010

My dreams have been way too exciting to deal with. They generally contains car chases, murder plots and capitalism ideas. It must reflect how boring the real life has been.

Anyways, have you ever taken transit for any length of time? I have been the rider of transit since 5 or so. I used to take a train by myself to go to my kindergarten because my mom won't be ready on time. I remember having to pretend that I was not taking the train by myself by sort of being a part of a group, but not really.

Anyway, if you do take transit at similar time every day, you eventually develop your transit buddy. My buddy is a girl with lots of tattoos, facial piercing and weird colour hair. She has this particular tattoo on her right hand, which is a real shitty tribal phoenix of some sort. One segment of the tail goes all the way down her index finger. She also has "13" tattooed towards her thumb. Just to clarify, she looks maybe 23 at top.

We walk most of the way to work together ( in my mind ). I am very curious to know where she works and what made her decide to want that hand tattoo. Was she in a goth gang or something? Or maybe she didn't look so punk-goth-esq and this is a new development.

She doesn't give a shit about priority seating neither, so she sits wherever she pleases.

Oh fountain of youth.

At least she doesn't have this. Apparently, this girl fell asleep during her tattoo session, and her tattooist did this to her? I am vague about the actual facts, but you know, it's funked nonetheless.

You gotta really love the Kennedy's . Viva JFK!

This is highly questionable in my opinion. No children will ever come near you.

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