Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I used to make fun of Star Trek. Ok, not as far as make fun of, but rather, I just didn't understand the hype. But now, I am addicted to Next Generation. I totally have developed crush on Data and his pasty skin.

What gets me the most is his mannerism. Being a humanoid cyborg, he has very peculiar expression and such, but now that he has emotion chip, he's all good to go.

This picture sums it up for me:

I always develop crush on such strange characters. It must have started from Sherlock Holmes in grade 5. I just never went for the main stream. Other weird one being Corey Feldman. Corey Heim was way better looking but I was one solid Feldman fan.

Whatever happened to the other Frog brother?

It's a mystery why I didn't develop anything towards Doogie Howser. Probably because the concept wasn't all that appealing. There was nothing wrong with him besides the fact that he is a baby genius and that's not that special.

Look at his buddy's ears though, it's huge!

Talk about going for the "wrong guy"

Monday, September 14, 2009

Beetlejuice is brilliant.

Winona Ryder is so awesome as a goth girl. Where are the tasteful goth these days? What's up with the stripy socks associated with goth? Isn't it more like wicked witch of the west style?

Winona Ryder ruled in the 80s. Things went down from Reality bites. Why did we think it was such an awesome movie? She kind of looks bad in that one.

On the other hand, Heathers RULES. More like, Monocle on high school student is radical!

You may have hard time telling that I am dead tired from reading this blog, but really, I am tired.

The best monocle wearing creature in the world:

Did you know that Mr.Peanut run for Mayor in 70s Vancouver? It's all true!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

How do you feel about zits?

Do you pop them once they are ripe or do you let them go? On the same note, how do you deal with black heads?

I am pretty into popping em. Mr.Peanut is quite against popping but I am very into it. It is so satisfying.

Like right now, I am nursing pretty ripe zit on my forehead and I am so tempted to pop it. Mr.Peanut will be very unhappy if I do that, so I won't.

It all started when I popped Mr.Peanut's black head on his face couple of years ago. It was by his mouth and it was he, who asked me to pop it.

Only, it didn't work so good and it got infected and became hideous. To the point that people purposefully avoided mentioning the hideous zit.

He had to go to a walk-in clinic to cut the zit open and then it went away.

But I am still into popping zits.

Do you guys remember, My so called life? Don't lie, I know you used to watch the show religiously just like I did. Anyway, do you remember this ad that plays when you are watching the show. all about acnes and pimples?

"People think I eat a lot of chocolate bars, but the truth is, I don't..." It was told by a boy with an accent. Was he supposed to be Quebecois?

This is such seminal commercial. Since I don't know how to update youtube video, you have to look at this link and see the commercial for yourself.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I love diner even if they are not vegetarian friendly. I love those haggered professional waitresses with smokey voice. I just do. It must go back to when I was growing up, how my dad had grungy diner food and against my mother's protest, he will take us to dirty diner with amazing food.
The waitress must be tired of life, but full of punches. Cannot look like this:

On totally different topic, do you know anything about wall hangy thing from around the world? As in it's usually a face of ethnic person, such as an Arab, Native American, etc. What the hell is that? It's like nightmare wall. They are usually at your grandparent's house or persian people's house. Not to stereotype here in anyway though.

I don't even know how to search for the picture! I only found this. I think this really does tell you how scary they are. Very grim. All business and no fun at all!

And I think this company is responsible for producing such crazy concept?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am highly affected by how things feel on my hands and what things smell like.

I was wondering how does it feel to touch Jabba the hut, or Mutant Ninja Turtles?

Are they kind of, slimy? Or are they dry to the touch, kind of like dried up earth?

I once had bold spot and as much as it weirded me out, it had very smooth texture to it ( I guess because there was no hair there)

I imagine it feels close to touching those hairless kittens.

Although, nothing like reptiles creep me out. I absolutely detest touching them, little frogs excluded.

But some part of me want to touch iguana.

And I really hate the smell of BBQ chicken!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I heard this at work yesterday: Yao Ming is huge because the Chinese government made two really tall people to marry.

I read this on newspaper today: New Japanese first lady says her soul has travelled out of her body to space 20 years ago.

I love conspiracy theory. I always have loved them. It tickles my nerd points just too perfectly.

I am curious to know what happens to our people's first lady though. Is she going to act all looney and shit?

Our people are known for many things, including being into ghost experiences and UFOs.

Are your people?

Here are some examples:

This particular one lives in a river. His favourite food is cucumber and his favourite activity is to scare boys and take their balls away. True story.