Monday, May 25, 2009

I want Dyson vacuum because North American vacuums are just not build for my people. But then again, Dyson looks heavy also.

Look at our vacuum. Just admit that we are better than you when it comes to laundry machines and vacuum. When it comes to clothing sizes and fashion senses, you beat us.

our vacuum

our costume

your clothing sizes

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mr. Peanut used to be white t-shirt and jeans kind of a guy then he went to Japan only to discover the world of my fashion sense. I like to think I'm white v-neck shirt and jeans kind of a girl but I guess in reality, I wear a lot of hippy attire in the summer or just weirdo bright colour clothes.

For example, I like rain frog green. I also like busy colour scheme. But if you ever paid attention to any hippy thing at all, you may have noticed it's very confusing in colour scheme, just like hippy's too much weed/acid mind.

I was at Value Village yesterday per usual. I keep it to my usual route when I go there ( children's dress-shoes- adult shoes- vintage section- dress). When I got to the Vintage section, there was a couple. The lady had way too tight leggings on which made her have possibly couple extra folds under her own buns. and where the legging ended, her legs came out similar of those baby's legs coming out of their socks.

They must have been going to a party with over used theme of "the 70s". They were arguing furiously over what she is going to wear. According to Mr. Peanut who saw them also, she smelled like Barbecue, or I guess, smoky. I just notice her legs as well as her intense bleached hair.

Anyway, it was funny because so it happens, I had this green tent dress with bell sleeves with embroidery. We met at the Vintage Section when they were arguing about what to wear because she was hungry and the party was about to start. They stared for full 5 second or so before they continued.

The lady kind of looked like Kelly Osborne in this photo, but blonde.

We also encountered a guy in a red Trans Am who fulfilled all the requirements.
1) He had blonde long, wavy hair.
2) He was in white tank top.
3) He had a wrap around sunglasses.
4) He had equally haggard lady in the car.

I wish he looked like this man, but alas, he didn't.

The point is not made in this entry but I thought I should try writing something. It came out with random ending. But that's cool beans because I am random.

Monday, May 18, 2009

I am, as some people already know, very dude-esq in my speech and urbanized hippy-esq in looks. Today, I went to Japanese grocery store on Quadra, only to find it closed. I said to Mr.Peanut " Shit dawg, it's closed" only to realize there was a lady who heard me say so real loud and responded to me in very normal voice " oh really? that's too bad"

That was tad embarrassing. Just a little.

I don't realize it most of the time but really, I guess I come across something of Hippo-Griffin. With flat bum. I would have made ugly looking marching band kid and that's a fact.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am dry like Bill Murray, apparently. I am cool with that so long it's either Bill Murray as: Peter Venkman from the Ghostbusters or that dude from Broken Flower. But this does not mean that I am bolding, paunchy middle aged man, not just yet give me couple of more years to mature. I need that time in order to be able to rock track suits more comfortably.

Monday, May 11, 2009

There are certain things that I fear. You could say I have a phobia.

1) Pointy things
I hate pointy tips pointing at me. As I write this, it's making me want to squint my eyes. I just cannot stand looking at pointy objects pointing at me.

2)Small, dark, hot places, such as under the duvet, but someone is on top of you on the outside and you can't move.
I believe this is called claustrophobia. My brother and my dad used to do this to me and to this day, I don't like above mentioned situation.

But really, the worst fear I have living in Victoria is....


Every time I hear the gulls, I freak out and make sure that they are not above me or anywhere near. Tell me I'm not alone on this one.

On the other hand, I am not afraid to touch cockroaches by hand, nor spider nor inch warm by hand. I can listen to poop story while eating and watch gore movie while eating also.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

There was ( maybe she is still alive) a lady in Ivanhoe, Australia named Cindy Ray. She became pretty huge in the 50s to 60s ( I think) as a female tattoo artist, producing her own tattoo guns and such. She didn't even know how famous she got for a long time.

The reason she became tattoo artist was because she wanted to be a circus tattoo lady.

If Ringring Brothers and those freak show circuses were still allowed, I may think about being a tattoo lady.

But probably not the half lady because I don't know what's up with that. Oh freak show, I love learning about them.

Monday, May 4, 2009

I really want Chewy as my pal. He is my dream pal. He is nice and warm in the winter and not so nice and cool in the summer. But I can deal with his short coming. I am ok with that. And besides, he is so damn adept with machineries!

I think everyone should have Chewy as their pal. I don't mind having Animal as my pal either.

Shhh, I have notice that I have a thing for furry things that makes noise instead of speaking.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

I may come across as a mean and bitchy individual sometimes, and insanely hyper some other times ( usually, when I consume sugar ) but really, I am very very relaxed most of the times.

I am a relaxed person with very anal cleanliness policy and prissy attitude towards discipline.

Me angry

Me hyper

Me usual minus the "bird"