Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mr. Peanut used to be white t-shirt and jeans kind of a guy then he went to Japan only to discover the world of my fashion sense. I like to think I'm white v-neck shirt and jeans kind of a girl but I guess in reality, I wear a lot of hippy attire in the summer or just weirdo bright colour clothes.

For example, I like rain frog green. I also like busy colour scheme. But if you ever paid attention to any hippy thing at all, you may have noticed it's very confusing in colour scheme, just like hippy's too much weed/acid mind.

I was at Value Village yesterday per usual. I keep it to my usual route when I go there ( children's dress-shoes- adult shoes- vintage section- dress). When I got to the Vintage section, there was a couple. The lady had way too tight leggings on which made her have possibly couple extra folds under her own buns. and where the legging ended, her legs came out similar of those baby's legs coming out of their socks.

They must have been going to a party with over used theme of "the 70s". They were arguing furiously over what she is going to wear. According to Mr. Peanut who saw them also, she smelled like Barbecue, or I guess, smoky. I just notice her legs as well as her intense bleached hair.

Anyway, it was funny because so it happens, I had this green tent dress with bell sleeves with embroidery. We met at the Vintage Section when they were arguing about what to wear because she was hungry and the party was about to start. They stared for full 5 second or so before they continued.

The lady kind of looked like Kelly Osborne in this photo, but blonde.

We also encountered a guy in a red Trans Am who fulfilled all the requirements.
1) He had blonde long, wavy hair.
2) He was in white tank top.
3) He had a wrap around sunglasses.
4) He had equally haggard lady in the car.

I wish he looked like this man, but alas, he didn't.

The point is not made in this entry but I thought I should try writing something. It came out with random ending. But that's cool beans because I am random.

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