Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My dream house:

I would love to be a hobbit sans hairy gigantic feet and live in crazy stone carved home. It's way more practical than geodesic hippy shit. Granted it looks cooler.

Did you know that kids who eat their booger tends to not get sick than city kids who are overly protected?

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I've been very lazy.

Have you ever had the chance to read this newspaper while it was around???

IF you do believe anything on this magazine, you should live in a house like this one.

Monday, February 1, 2010

My dream usually contains post-apocalyptic, Isaac Asimov type of future. I also have a thing for post-apocalyptic movie. I am sure these two things are correlated. However, my dream is always a mixture of what I know as present as well as weird futuristic scene.

Yesterday, my ex-coworker accidently started fire in futuristic high rise. When we were evacuating, the futuristic building became more of old school building.

This makes me think of my relationship with so called chick flicks.

I hate anything cheez. I could not go on watching x-files after season 4 plus the movie. I could not go on watching Battlestar Galactica after 2nd season for it's theme became too much to handle.

When my friends went out to watch "Bride Wars", I secretly wanted to watch "Mall Cop".

My dream as 5 years old person was to become Jackie Chan.

I didn't always hate cheeze. I have seen "10 things I hate about you" in theatre. What has become of innocent and dreaming me to wrinkly pissy old lady me? It seems like my tolerance for cheeze goes down with my age. Can't imagine what I would be like when I'm 64.

I would like to be prettier than this:

Probably more like this:

I would like to be like this, but probably not:

This is really the ultimate: