Sunday, January 31, 2010

My dreams have been way too exciting to deal with. They generally contains car chases, murder plots and capitalism ideas. It must reflect how boring the real life has been.

Anyways, have you ever taken transit for any length of time? I have been the rider of transit since 5 or so. I used to take a train by myself to go to my kindergarten because my mom won't be ready on time. I remember having to pretend that I was not taking the train by myself by sort of being a part of a group, but not really.

Anyway, if you do take transit at similar time every day, you eventually develop your transit buddy. My buddy is a girl with lots of tattoos, facial piercing and weird colour hair. She has this particular tattoo on her right hand, which is a real shitty tribal phoenix of some sort. One segment of the tail goes all the way down her index finger. She also has "13" tattooed towards her thumb. Just to clarify, she looks maybe 23 at top.

We walk most of the way to work together ( in my mind ). I am very curious to know where she works and what made her decide to want that hand tattoo. Was she in a goth gang or something? Or maybe she didn't look so punk-goth-esq and this is a new development.

She doesn't give a shit about priority seating neither, so she sits wherever she pleases.

Oh fountain of youth.

At least she doesn't have this. Apparently, this girl fell asleep during her tattoo session, and her tattooist did this to her? I am vague about the actual facts, but you know, it's funked nonetheless.

You gotta really love the Kennedy's . Viva JFK!

This is highly questionable in my opinion. No children will ever come near you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today's dream had school setting, involving 2 of my high school friends who shall remain nameless involved in no good.

I think I was trying to prevent them from being bad. I think it may had something to do with torture-esq activity.

Mr.Peanut overheard a conversation at Saigon Night tonight. Peops behind him were talking about junkies naming their kids shitty name, literally.

The dude was telling his lady about this junkie who named his kid "Shithead", but really, he meant to name the kid "Shitty". He was too high to remember the name or something like that.

Is that totes allowed legally?

I always had weird fixation with name "Egg", but I got over it. It's like wanting to get smurf tattoo. I just discovered what's his name has smurf tattoo. I wonder how high he was when he decided it was such a good idea?

I got over it.

I have rad craft idea right now. I hope I can persevere and get it done. I want to become get it done person again.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Do you consider yourself to be patient?

I used to until like one hour ago. Then, the truth donned on me: I am mediocre patient.

If I were to describe my personality using the tale of Tortoise and rabbit, I would usually choose Tortoise. But no more.

This tendency has become evident when I crocheted a toque yesterday.

What a freedom!

Viva small projects!

Good bye long repetitive projects and hello small nicknacks!

I am sure I am still capable of large projects, but I don't know if I can go back that easily. Maybe if the project were kind of like Frankenstein, that's totally possible.




Sunday, January 24, 2010

I have never eaten York.

I have never eaten Big Turk.

I have never eaten Three Marketeer.

I do love Wonderbar. I do love Milky Way.

The chocolate bar that blew my mind may be Toblarone ( I do not know how to spell that ) but I don't know if they are considered chocolate bar.

Now that I think about it, I am not sure I have ever eaten something so delicious that it blew my mind. Maybe "Mexican Surprise".

Although I am not positive that I can digest that monster now that I hit the big 3-0.

I really like Rum Raisin ice cream. Although I do not consume cold thing often. I like my beverages to be luke warm.

I find it interesting that as much as I love eating, I have never been so impressed by food before.

Perhaps, I need to find my inner Julia Child.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I don't know why but when my dream involves cars, I am always terrible at parking. It's reflecting my real life little too real for my liking.

I repent all the white sugars I've been wanting and eating. I am sorry, hippy god. I shall repent. I shall repent. I shall repent.

If someone gave me this look when they are saying "sorry", I am not sure if I can be generous and forgive them. I might cry.

P.S. I like dogs.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Again, I forgot to will myself to remember my dreams.

I don't know about you, but I really don't like to cut any flowers for some reasons.

I will do it if it's necessary, but I have real hard time breaking branches and cutting flowers.

I also have issues with pets being mistreated and eating meat or anything that comes from too far away.

I just thought I will put it out there, so you know I'm not so crusty and crass after all.

I am a gentle soul, with flower crown around my head, who prefers quite warm room temperature so I can keep my serene outlook in life.

Before you knew who I was:

After you found out the real me:

Even if I am mean to you outside, this is what I feel inside. All fantasy all the time:

Monday, January 18, 2010

I woke up sometime around 4:30 am this morning because heat vent was making noise. At that moment, I willed myself so hard to remember my dream.

Unfortunately, all I remember is that there were 4 goats. 2 of them had only 3 legs. the 4th one was just a stump. Although they could produce milk from their horns. I am not sure if goats have any kind of antler-esq thing coming out of their head, but this one had one.

My friend's daughter was drinking goat's milk out of it.

I really should have written it down while eating breakfast. Damn.

Did you know that Adolf Hitler considered number 7 to be the most magical number? I sure didn't.

Have you ever heard of a book called "Michelle remembers?" Do you know where her house used to be? I heard it was somewhere in Gordon Head.

Victoria is the satanic capital of the island. I don't know the credibility of this claim, but it's better than Nanaimo, heroin capital of the island, as well as the google earth capital.

Norwegian death metal dudes are fucking scary.

This guy is just ridiculous.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last night's dream consisted of:
1) my grandmother's money making scheme involving child labour. ( Her scheme was baking sweets in school cafeteria like setting. Very industrial)
2) cast of Seinfeld. Something to do with Elaine's cat and Kramer having to go rescue it from a window ledge.
Shit, I can't remember the rest.

Hoochie Mama:A female who dresses ghetto ho fabulous. Lots of gold, lots of weave-typically Pattie LaBelle style with red, purple, gold, or orange streaks, and long nails with lots of airbrush glitter, and color. This female's goal in life is to use her female attriibutes to obtain a male with lots of money or any money to spend on her. Weaves, rent, & diapers for her baby from another daddy included. 2. A ghetto version of a "Gold Digger".

Snob:someone who adopts the worldview of snobbery — that some people are inherently inferior to him or her for any one of a variety of reasons, including real or supposed intellect, wealth, education, ancestry, etc. Often, the form of snobbery reflects the snob's personal attributes.

My future:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

This morning, I could not remember my dream, then I thought 'well, I didn't try to remember my dream in my dream today.'

I do know that it was somewhat of a treasure hunt theme. It was me and 3 other dudes that I do not know. It involved a whole town so each of us had to drive to get to places. I think it was more like a man-hunt than treasure hunt.

All I remember clearly is that I could not park very well in my dream just like in real life. The only time I parked like a pro is when I was practicing for the license.

Now that I think about it, it feels like a dream.

I was browsing through "this is why you're fat" site today. Some of the things make sense, but a lot of food on there doesn't even sound appetizing to my neo-hippy tongue. But maybe if I tried it, I may like it.

If you find this appetizing, I don't know if we are friends any longer.

I discovered Thrifty's brand of coke today. It is called "Freedom Cola" in french, it is Cola Liberte.

Immature me thinks this is funny, We should just put the word Freedom on everything to make this world a better place .

Monday, January 11, 2010

Corey Heim was a dreamboat

Hello there,

While I was away from this thing, these are the things that happened to me:
1) I discovered joy of lol cats once more.
2) My bangs were not the way I thought I cut them,so I had to fix them.
3) Not drinking enough water.
4) Keep having weird dreams.

I have not perfected not remembered to practice my lucid dreaming skill in a while, I have continued to dream weird shit. So weird that I was hesitant to blog about it. There were few words of encouragement, so here I go.

1st dream:
I dreamed about group of Nazi fanatics who had a troop of walking corpses. These zombies were in fact women who were raped and murdered by Nazis and they were wrapped around in white sheets. I was trying rescue them from the Nazis.

2nd dream:
I dreamed that I was in a office, kinda like the tv sitcom office. Except I knew this did no take place in current time, but rather, in a future. Unfortunately, I forgot the most exciting part about it.

3rd dream:
I was trying to organize a menage-trois involving 11 British people. I was haggling with a motel to rent us a room and I got them to rent out 2 rooms for 11 people. I was trying to calm the group down by saying " I don't think it's against the rule to split the group in 2, guys". Obviously, I was trying to organize this thing for some competition.

Only, after I woke up, I realized the logistics of this does not work at all. Maybe I was trying to unleash 5 to 6 people per room to see what happens next.

Don't judge me just because I dream about rescuing zombies from Nazis or organizing menage-trois. It's just a dream.

Wise Frasier Crane once said, "Have a good mental day". I don't know what to do with the tossed salad and scrambled eggs. I had no idea Kelsey Grammer sang that lame song.

I wonder what I'm going to dream about today?

Look, I found Lucid dreaming machine! Literally, there is a machine for everything. I am sure there exists a bum wiping machine, even!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Do you want to know how to throw a party in your mouth?

Just use Listerine undiluted for 20 seconds. If you can hold off for 20 seconds, you had just about everyone from Andrew W.K to Jay-Z parrrty hard in your mouth.

I don't even know what the hell is in it, but is it even legal to make something that powerful?

I still have mushy nose and no, I don't remember what I dreamed about today.

P.S. Have you ever felt like your body hair seems thicker in the winter time? Do you think humans get winter fur just like animals do?

I prefer Arm and Hammer toothpaste and Tom's natural mouthwash because I'm a mushy idealistic urbanized hippy.

I also have a soft spot for kittens and flowers. No, I'm not always bitchy.

I like to party, occasionally in my head.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i got face cold. My face feels mushy. Therefore, I am not going to work. I have that option, which is like the only sweet thing about my work. (beside being everyone's gal friday -> not so sweet and not relevant)

I dreamed about alien visitation today. She looked like a character from that movie, Akira. You know, really wrinkly psychic children? Except this alien was wearing so much white powder on her face that it was flaking onto her hair as well.

It's too nerdy to talk about it, but if you have ever seen or read Akira, there is a character who is praying for Akira's re-birth in the movie, and in the comic books, she is No.16 I think. She has huge onion hair, so you can't miss her. That's what my alien looked like.

This picture is the closest thing. Sorry about the size:

Her name was Lynne B Free, apparently. Free comes from the fact that she is not a slave anymore. (So wherever she's from, they practice slavery)

She came on very translucent old-school saucer. There was more that happened, but I don't remember.

I need super powerful vacuum to suck my snot out of my nose. No joke.

Monday, January 4, 2010

I think I might be tired of working. I know, that sounds really lame but it may just be true, a little.

Or, I just want to have some excuse as to why I play solitaire on my ipod non stop for like total of 2 hours everyday.

Here, I said it. I am OBSESSED with playing solitaire. It gives me a comfort of some sorts even if I may be ignoring mr.peanut's sad gaze.

Anyway, when I'm playing my game, I am only paying attention to other things in very peripheral sense.

That maybe why I blurted out "He used to be a puppet" out of nowhere.

Or it maybe that Jim Hansen's spirit came down to me.

One way or the other, I am known to talk random shit that is not relative to what's happening around me.

I think I had very graphic gory dream. I know at one point, I had leukemia. It must have been quite gory, because even if I remembered my dream in more detail, I will be hesitant to write about it.

Here is the picture of the day. I was looking under "obsessed" and what do I see? Hideous Buffy the Vampire slayer tattoo. I don't know what to think of it. Can you blame the tattoo artist for being terrible at portraits? Or is this a work of genius? I can only see any resemblance in Willow, but even that's really pushing it.

I found another one. I have never had the opportunity to taste this product yet.

I won't even bother putting it on here, but there are people out there who got Twilight themed tattoos. Google it yourself.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Here I am, once again, updating this thing. I figure I gotta stick to what I said at least for a while.

Today's dream involved time traveling and boating around.

First part - It had something to do with time traveling. I was in Vancouver, but I knew it was not the era I was supposed to be in. I was with mr.peanut, but we were not supposed to time travel together or something, so we had to do this separately. But I think I had to make sure that he will do it at the right time or something.

Second part - I had to get to Salt Spring on a boat. Next thing I remember is me being a part of a group that was trekking to Salt Spring. There were many eager sporty type with crocs on.

Yesterday, I noticed that mr.peanut has feet which are meant to wear flip flops as formal wear. I have super futuristic feet, which are meant for gliding the air instead of walking, or running all the friggin' time.

I don't know which is better. You should take care of them arches.

When I was looking up "the world's ugliest feet", these are the images I came across:

Ugliest cat

Ugliest dog - way gnarlier than the ugliest kitten. Seriously.

The actual ugly feet pictures were ubrer nasty even for my standard, so this is from Star Trek 6, I think.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hey dudes,

It's finally the tens.

I will commit myself to doing this blog more real for real.

I was torn between making Castenada-esq dream diary or just regular bullshitting. I think I will be doing both.

Today's dream took place in very industrial looking box of a school classroom. It must have been an ESL class. People were speaking in English and Japanese (this happens often). Students were being smart ass and I was being a meany teacher.

Everything had very grey tone.

Yesterday, I discussed with mr.peanut what kind of skin the gray aliens would have.

He thought it would be rough. I imagine it would feel like frog, but patted dry. (basically super smooth and supple)

According to this picture, mr.peanut may be right.

There are many places I would like to visit. Machupichu being prime example and Finland being the other. However, if I could every get an access to, I would love to check out Area 51 (X-file theme song should be playing right now)

Scully is the original hot lady in glasses.

Yep, I am into conspiracy theory.

I must tell you about the Denver Airport one of these days.