Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i got face cold. My face feels mushy. Therefore, I am not going to work. I have that option, which is like the only sweet thing about my work. (beside being everyone's gal friday -> not so sweet and not relevant)

I dreamed about alien visitation today. She looked like a character from that movie, Akira. You know, really wrinkly psychic children? Except this alien was wearing so much white powder on her face that it was flaking onto her hair as well.

It's too nerdy to talk about it, but if you have ever seen or read Akira, there is a character who is praying for Akira's re-birth in the movie, and in the comic books, she is No.16 I think. She has huge onion hair, so you can't miss her. That's what my alien looked like.

This picture is the closest thing. Sorry about the size:

Her name was Lynne B Free, apparently. Free comes from the fact that she is not a slave anymore. (So wherever she's from, they practice slavery)

She came on very translucent old-school saucer. There was more that happened, but I don't remember.

I need super powerful vacuum to suck my snot out of my nose. No joke.

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