Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today's dream had school setting, involving 2 of my high school friends who shall remain nameless involved in no good.

I think I was trying to prevent them from being bad. I think it may had something to do with torture-esq activity.

Mr.Peanut overheard a conversation at Saigon Night tonight. Peops behind him were talking about junkies naming their kids shitty name, literally.

The dude was telling his lady about this junkie who named his kid "Shithead", but really, he meant to name the kid "Shitty". He was too high to remember the name or something like that.

Is that totes allowed legally?

I always had weird fixation with name "Egg", but I got over it. It's like wanting to get smurf tattoo. I just discovered what's his name has smurf tattoo. I wonder how high he was when he decided it was such a good idea?

I got over it.

I have rad craft idea right now. I hope I can persevere and get it done. I want to become get it done person again.

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