Sunday, January 17, 2010

Last night's dream consisted of:
1) my grandmother's money making scheme involving child labour. ( Her scheme was baking sweets in school cafeteria like setting. Very industrial)
2) cast of Seinfeld. Something to do with Elaine's cat and Kramer having to go rescue it from a window ledge.
Shit, I can't remember the rest.

Hoochie Mama:A female who dresses ghetto ho fabulous. Lots of gold, lots of weave-typically Pattie LaBelle style with red, purple, gold, or orange streaks, and long nails with lots of airbrush glitter, and color. This female's goal in life is to use her female attriibutes to obtain a male with lots of money or any money to spend on her. Weaves, rent, & diapers for her baby from another daddy included. 2. A ghetto version of a "Gold Digger".

Snob:someone who adopts the worldview of snobbery — that some people are inherently inferior to him or her for any one of a variety of reasons, including real or supposed intellect, wealth, education, ancestry, etc. Often, the form of snobbery reflects the snob's personal attributes.

My future:

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