Sunday, January 3, 2010

Here I am, once again, updating this thing. I figure I gotta stick to what I said at least for a while.

Today's dream involved time traveling and boating around.

First part - It had something to do with time traveling. I was in Vancouver, but I knew it was not the era I was supposed to be in. I was with mr.peanut, but we were not supposed to time travel together or something, so we had to do this separately. But I think I had to make sure that he will do it at the right time or something.

Second part - I had to get to Salt Spring on a boat. Next thing I remember is me being a part of a group that was trekking to Salt Spring. There were many eager sporty type with crocs on.

Yesterday, I noticed that mr.peanut has feet which are meant to wear flip flops as formal wear. I have super futuristic feet, which are meant for gliding the air instead of walking, or running all the friggin' time.

I don't know which is better. You should take care of them arches.

When I was looking up "the world's ugliest feet", these are the images I came across:

Ugliest cat

Ugliest dog - way gnarlier than the ugliest kitten. Seriously.

The actual ugly feet pictures were ubrer nasty even for my standard, so this is from Star Trek 6, I think.

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