Sunday, September 13, 2009

How do you feel about zits?

Do you pop them once they are ripe or do you let them go? On the same note, how do you deal with black heads?

I am pretty into popping em. Mr.Peanut is quite against popping but I am very into it. It is so satisfying.

Like right now, I am nursing pretty ripe zit on my forehead and I am so tempted to pop it. Mr.Peanut will be very unhappy if I do that, so I won't.

It all started when I popped Mr.Peanut's black head on his face couple of years ago. It was by his mouth and it was he, who asked me to pop it.

Only, it didn't work so good and it got infected and became hideous. To the point that people purposefully avoided mentioning the hideous zit.

He had to go to a walk-in clinic to cut the zit open and then it went away.

But I am still into popping zits.

Do you guys remember, My so called life? Don't lie, I know you used to watch the show religiously just like I did. Anyway, do you remember this ad that plays when you are watching the show. all about acnes and pimples?

"People think I eat a lot of chocolate bars, but the truth is, I don't..." It was told by a boy with an accent. Was he supposed to be Quebecois?

This is such seminal commercial. Since I don't know how to update youtube video, you have to look at this link and see the commercial for yourself.

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