Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I heard this at work yesterday: Yao Ming is huge because the Chinese government made two really tall people to marry.

I read this on newspaper today: New Japanese first lady says her soul has travelled out of her body to space 20 years ago.

I love conspiracy theory. I always have loved them. It tickles my nerd points just too perfectly.

I am curious to know what happens to our people's first lady though. Is she going to act all looney and shit?

Our people are known for many things, including being into ghost experiences and UFOs.

Are your people?

Here are some examples:

This particular one lives in a river. His favourite food is cucumber and his favourite activity is to scare boys and take their balls away. True story.

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mamakatrina said...

Ok, I thought that last guy was kinda cute...until the ball stealing part.
PS how did I not know this blog existed (did I already say that).