Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Things I think about

* When I get out of taking shower, or boiling a pot of pasta, I get really taken by mist of steam around me. You know, you can basically see every molecule, kind of. This could be because I am extremely near-sighted and usually I can't see anything without an aid from corrective lenses but I just can't help myself from chasing each molecule-looking thing's movements.

* Have you seen a movie called "Innerspace"? Martin Short, Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan was in it. I can't remember a lot about it but I'm positive Martin Short has to swallow this tiny machine driven by Dennis Quaid to help himself from something or rather. Anyways, the whole point is, I think about being able to go into inner body and check out peristalsis and food being digested in stomach, and movement of fetus. That would be awesome.

* I think I am not concentrating enough about controlling my dream. I am more into seeing weirder and weirder dreams. I need to be more hardcore about having control in my dream, I think. Reading my logs are just fascinating on its own. I'm not sure how long more I want to keep on doing this but it's kind of fun.

I have no idea what's going on in the second photo here but it looks awesome.

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