Sunday, January 25, 2009

larger than life

Smurf is only 3 apples tall and they are jolly lads. When us human being ( giant ) dress up as one of them lads, it's just not happening. It loses charms. Human painted blue is not appealing to me.

I've had a thing for them blue things for a very long time. In fact, it all started when Japanese dairy giant made an ad, starring smurfs as "cheese mascot". I was in my one digit age, and image of smurfs struck me like a lighting bolt. I always thought of them as "Cheese Fairies", very fondly.

When I came here, one of my friend got a giant smurf doll from V.V and we got on talking about it. I told her that she had a doll of "Cheese Fairy" and she corrected me saying it's called "Smurfs". I didn't believe her. I mean, to look back and think it through, what the hell did I know? NOTHING. Maybe that was me being a teenager and always wanting to be right, or just being plain dumb. Who knows and who cares now?

But anyways, my whole point is that smurf dress-up is just not right and please don't destroy my daydream.

P.S. You as Papa, pretty spiffy in spite of the fact that I don't approve.

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