Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have not have cable for really really long time. I think last time I had cable access was when I was 21 for maybe 6 months. Now I have one again. I watched quite a bit of Food channel for a while but now I'm back with my good old CBC radio 1.

Anyways, on CBC, there is a show called "Age of Persuasion", which is all about advertisement industry. In one particular episode, the topic was so called "Direct response". It was about those TV ads that sell knives that never go dull or easy pasta boilers and whatnot. One of them was on this thing called "Shamwow". It does make you wanna buy it.

This is why TV is stupid. But I still enjoy watching Jeopardy, nature and history channel. Oh wait, love the Seinfeld re-runs.

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