Friday, January 16, 2009

milky, molecule-y veil

As much as I find fog amazing ( as I am basically a hermit who only has learner license), it used to freak me out. When I was younger, I was stuck in a dormitory located in front of the Shawnigan Lake. There was one occasion where my friends and I were out walking along the lake in pretty heavy fog ( I don't really get why we were out in that weather as I recall it was kind of dark outside and we were not allowed to be off-campus in the dark ) . As we were walking by the lake, I got struck by the imagery from Friday the 13th ( I don't know which one, but it had Corey Feldman as a kid in it. I think it's earlier one ) where a boat on foggy lake was involved.

I must have very active imagination considering I was at least 15 at that point and I don't know if mid-teenager freak themselves out by remembering a scene from movies. Of course, if you were stoned or on acid, that would be completely normal. I think deep down, underneath my crassness, there is me who get scared very easily. I should test this theory by going to a "haunted house" attraction this summer.

But all in all, I love how fog drapes our familiar landscape into something like Hobbit Shire ( I live in Saanich ) and dirty city into something little more glamourous.

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