Wednesday, January 7, 2009

my idols

I am so into Sherlock Holmes. Books are good, but really, I love Jeremy Brett from Granada series Sherlock. That Sherlock was my first major crush as a 5th grader. I loved the general malaise, melancholy yet weirdly ADD feeling of this Sherlock.
P.S. The dude next to him is Mycroft Holmes. He is the older brother of Sherlock and he is far more brilliant than Sherlock, but he suffers from laziness;therefore, Sherlock is more well known. 

Another one of my mild obsession is Angela Lansbury from Murder, she wrote. I don't know what's so great really, but I love that show and I love Angela Lansbury. 

Frog brothers from Lost Boys are awesome too! But they are more in the line with Atreyu from Never Ending Story though. 

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