Thursday, January 29, 2009

I rub you for ron tye

That is like the ultimate asian saying from Full metal jacket or something of Vietnam war movie. Anyways, if I could dress like a cast member from Jesus Christ Superstar (JCSS for short), I would be happy, very happy. I think I can sing at least part of a song from side a and b from the record. I just love singing along with it like I enjoy singing along to Pinkerton album by Weezer.

This picture does no justice to how awesome the movie really is, but really, this is the best Judah ever.

I feel like I've been using "awesome" way too often to be cool.

Oh yeah, and did you know that if you spray oil from an orange peel to a balloon, you can make the balloon pop? You know how when you peel an orange, sometimes oil from the peel squirt into your eye and it hurts like bitch? Yeah, that oil. When you have a chance, experiment. I am just warning you that it may happen really fast and you don't even know what happened.

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