Friday, February 13, 2009


In Japan, we have many strange things. We eat strange things. One of the example is this superhero named "Anpan-man ( red bean bun-man)" He is made out of red bean bun and his arch nemesis is called "Baikin-man (bacteria-man)" You can tell he is the bad boy of the show by his black and purple colouring as well as fang like teeth. I like his style very much.

The concept itself isn't so bad but the terrifying part is that Anpan-man saves good lost children by feeding part of his face (because it's eatable, you know?)! However, the more generous he gives away part of his face, the weaker he gets. Oh yeah, he is also totally not water resistant at all ( He is snack bun, afterall). So who comes to rescue? His baker and daughter. They do this miraculous switch-a-loo of the face and Anpan-man is good as new. I guess when you are little, you just don't question details but as an adult, I question many things, such as what his body made out of? Is he filled with red bean paste? What is his expiry date?

I never got to see GI Joes but I got to see Snack bun heros.

P.S. Brown one is Curry bun-man and the white one is English Loaf -man. The dog is whatever, the dog. The one in the spaceship looking thing is Ms. Heartbeat ( or really, palpitation ) I guess she's named that way because she can make your heart beat fast by looking hot? She's with my man,Bacteria-man but she uses her charm to get by. Really, we need slutty character in every show including kids show to teach kids a lesson.