Sunday, February 15, 2009

surprise surprise

Yesterday was Valentine's day, which I think is over-rated. I am sure a lot of people acquired pimple/zits from eating too much chocolate. It seems to put a lot of pressure on people, you know? Whatever, though. That is not the point of this post, I guess it is in a way.

How do you feel about Kinder Surprise? Do you like them? I was highly into them in my high school years. I even thought the chocolate wasn't so bad. I really really liked them when they had Smurf collection. I bought them often, traded my Smurfs for the one I don't own, got upset when I ended up getting the puzzle. I did keep on buying the surprise well after the collection was over ( spradicaly, nontheless ) Only thing that stopped me from buying is when then came up with "modern art collection" which required no assembling and was just lame, lame and lamofo.

But that was like 10 years ago, maybe I should restore my faith in the egg again. Everytime I'm in the line up for grocery, I look at them and ponder the purchase. Haven't done it though. I used to feel the same way about that weird newspaper, Weekly World News or something. You know that one all about Bat boy is born! or Fattest person on earth. There is so much lure into reading that thing, but in very perverted, hush hush way.

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