Monday, February 2, 2009

my love for you will never die

Last Saturday, I came to a conclusion about little people/things. I am definitely partial to them.

It all started from Moomin, which is from Sweden. They look like hippo but they are creatures called Moomins. They live in the Moomin valley with friends such as Little My and Snufkin. Little My is very very small, sarcastic, a loner, and all around wonderful realist. I love this character so much because I identify.

Then moved onto smurfs. As some of you know, I am an avid collector of this things. If you look back into this blog, I have mentioned smurf in 2 different occasion. They are only 3 apples tall and very, very blue and jolly.

My favorite books of all times would be a hard split between the borrowers and From The Mixed-Up Files of Mrs.Basil E. Frankweiler. The former is about little people called the borrowers who live under our own feet as we speak and "borrow" household items from us and the latter being 2 sibling ( older sis + younger bro ) running away to the Metropolitan museum. The former has the ever recurrent theme of little creatures to catch my attention and the later has another fascination of mine, running away and a lady with Basil in her name. I realize that Basil must have been her husband name but who the hell cares? And in the drawing, she has fascinatingly long jaw. It's awesome.

P.S. I accidently burned a small pan of bacon fat. Is this mean that I'm gonna stink like bacon? I'm a vegetarian, you know?

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