Tuesday, February 17, 2009

girl of all seasons

If you ever owned a pet or two, you know they shed generally but shed a lot during seasonal change-a-loo. Cats get thicker coat during the winter, that I know as a fact. As much as I hate snakes and reptiles ( it's making me gross as I type the word ), they shed their good ol' scale. Supposedly, if you find an intact snake skin, keep it. It will make you rich.

Anyways, my question is: does human have seasonal shedding sesh too? I feel I'm shedding a lot more hair than usual right now. Hair strands on ground makes me feel grossed out, but this is out of control. I mean, it's a wonder that I'm not going bold yet. As much as I like my hair long and messy, this is making me consider shaving it all off for the sake of not seeing my own disgusting hair shed sesh. Maybe it's a sign that I need to comb my hair. I have not combed my hair in a long, long time. No, I am not a Rastafarian, I am living in the age of Aquarius.

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