Thursday, March 26, 2009


My friend is great. She shoots from her hips but with grace. Unlike me. I just shoot from hips but I also sneak an upper cut on top of that. Why aren't everyone just like us?

Wait, if everyone was just like us, we will have cat ladies pandemic. In a way, that would be interesting to see. Dudes with gazillions of sperms, no where to go. Lots and lots of meowing, meowing and hissing.

Ok Ok, it's just my version of the cat ladies pandemic. I am sure my friend's version of future would be like cute babies with chubby cheeks, sparkling wine on a checkered picnic cloth, wearing really cute summer dress, eating strawberry or two.

She is great.

I am great sometimes, only if you give me something to eat.

PS. This goes out to my Chudchud. If I were to write a review for the Ghosts album it will go like this: "It sounds just like a band Ian Curtis would form if he decided it's not cool to have seizure and be an avant garde prick all the time, and decides that the future lies in early 90's"

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