Sunday, March 22, 2009

little wish little hope

Sometimes, I wish I could shrink myself and see from cat's point of view. ( it could be dogs also ) Basically, to imagine what it's like to be that short and covered with hair all over. This wish stems from the fact that I am cold all the time. The only time I'm not cold is in the middle of the summer. For mere 2 short months I don't complain but rest of the year? Forget it mister.

Another thing I want to transform myself into would be the borrowers. Although realistically, they have it pretty tough ( I mean, you live in between the floor and you have to risk your life trying to "borrow" stuff from someone close to 100 times bigger than you. )

As much as I love sumrfs, I don't want to look like them. I just like to adore them from afar. I will consider being a gnome, not the girl gnome though. I don't know why but no way.

P.S. I know the cat photo is not so good PC-wise, but it's funny in very crass way. I enjoy toilet and crass humor.

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