Saturday, March 7, 2009

just do it

Hi people!

While I was in Japan, I went to this crazy amusement park which contained the longest wooden roller coaster ride as well as this thing called "Steel Dragon 2000". We actually didn't ride the mother ( I really dislike roller coaster or anything that makes my heart bump and grind ) because by the time we got around to it, it was closed but I will attach some pictures of the ride I found.

The highest point of the whole coaster is 97 meters, which is approximately 320 feet high. The second highest point is probably somewhere in 300 feet level. The red line indicates the first section of the ride coming out of the entrance, and the blue indicates going back to the entrance. As you can see, you will pee your pants or at least end up with very sweaty palms. If you ever get to go to this park, its worth every penny.

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