Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tonight, the talk of heavy footed up stair neighbor came up as a topic. There exists "the thumper" in every apartment block. I cannot fully get mad at these people because I do walk little funny myself. I do not wear heels in the house though, that's for hos and bitches.

Not that I can see myself walking so I cannot be absolutely sure, but apparently my ass shakes a lot but my upper torso stays still. I have been told that my father and my brother also walks the same. I have never noticed anything but it could be because I also walk like that. I am not "the thumper" but rather, "the ass swag". Mmm, that sounds bad.

It's not the sexy kind of "ass swag" it's bizzarro kind of "ass swag". Just watch me walk sometime.

I think this is the kind of shoes I should wear to get rid of my swag:

This mother is bouncy. Very, very bouncy;therefore, you won't notice my swag.

This dude invented it:

Supposedly, he has 600 patens in Japan alone.

See, sometimes reading my blog can teach you new things!

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