Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I don't know if anyone reads this blog consistent enough, but I have been very lazy about it lately.

Anyway, if you do read this often, then you may recall one entry about how Mr.Peanut looks like the dude from that Swedish band, the Hives and Kevin Costner circa 80s.

You know who else look like him? The dude from Lonely Island. Especially from the movie, Hot Rod.

I have such a soft spot for comedy made by SNL dudes, such as Joe Dirt. I know, I am crass and I am not proud of it, but rather accepting of it.

Anyway, this movie, Hot Rod. The guy who is Kevin in the movie is so uncannily Mr.Peanut that it was bizzaro.

Like in this picture,

And this picture. In either one, he looks a lot like Mr.Peanut circa late 90s minus the high waisted pants.

Is this mean that Mr.Peanut is very generic looking that he can look like someone of Swedish origin to Jewish American??

Also, it was pointed out for the first time that I have strange drawl to my speech. Have you notice that?

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