Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Today, I saw a lady with onion looking hair. She had black velvety looking frilly shirt with tan colour blazer with her passport in the jacket pocket, all protected in a ziploc bag.

She reminded me of this famous lady in Japan.

It's totally different topic, but when I was a kid, there used to be a kid show called "Ponkikkies" which featured 2 unidentifiable creatures, possibly related to dinasoures. Anyways, the red one is "Mukku" and the green one is "Gachapin". The red one is the worry wort and the green one is adventurous.

The green one dives, cuts vegetables and shit. Pretty weird stuff. He has balls stuck all over his arm and supposedly, they work like suction cup. You can actually buy a dvd of the green guy doing sports and shit. You should check it out. My people are crazy.

By the way, I suppose you can dress up as "Gachapin" and this is what you can look like. Gross is what.

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