Saturday, June 6, 2009

This couple of days has been greatly warm. My hippy dresses/skirts are in full bloom. I am re-inventing myself out of " I'm punk rawk, and I don't give a fuck" to " I am a flower child, let's hug a tree".

This is me in the 90s.

This is me in the year 2000. Mind you, I do wear clothes often.

Not that I dig hugging or touching people all that much. In fact, I am not a touchy person in anyway. You can ask Mr.Peanut and he'll tell you so.

Anyways, I guess because of the heat and such, I have been wearing sandals and such. I feel like my hands have been uber dirty when in fact, it's not.

It's like having fantom acid trip at your hands.

You know? like seeing dirt on your hands when there are none. Is this mean I'm really turning into Cheech and Chong?

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