Thursday, April 30, 2009

I don't know about other people, but really, I am fascinated with toilet related information. I think it's quite important to be aware of what's coming out from you. It's often the first indication of illness.

So, I have noticed that when I drink a cup of coffee, the first pee after that smells kind of like coffee. And as many people already knows, when you eat asparagus, your pee smells really bad and Vitamin C pills makes your pee very very yellow.

It's fascinating, really. You may end up with nice smelly farts with right kind of combination.

And did you know that you can buy a urine test kit with fake penis in 10 different colours? If you are a stoner and you may have to take the pee test, don't fret! Buy this kit and you'll be just fine and dandy.

you can also purchase plush toy of poo and pee. I feel the world is finally ready to embrace their fascination with "down there" like I do!

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